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The Pearl Theatre in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is of course well known for its gambling. However, it has also become a top spot for other forms of entertainment as well. In fact, many gambling casinos have become part of larger complexes that often include theatres. This is true for the Palms Casino Resort which is the home of The Pearl Concert Theatre. This intimate venue can be set up to seat anywhere from 1000 to 2500 people. The theatre does also include 18 private boxes for guests who want a more exclusive location to view the show.

The Pearl may be a small concert theatre, however, it does offer up to date equipment, in line with the high quality equipment offered for gamblers in the resort’s casino. For instance, the lighting, audio and video systems of the Pearl are of the same quality as one would expect for a large venue. However, it is paired with close seating to the stage. The Pearl was designed so that every seat would be no more than 120 feet from the stage. As a result, guests all have a terrific view of stage performers.  Given the intimacy created here, many performers find the Pearl to be among their preferred places to perform.

When purchasing tickets for a performance at the Pearl, you have some options in regards to seating. General admission seats are on the floor. Many people who have been to concerts and say in this area find the lack of levelling on the floor makes everyone seated at essentially the same level. This can make it hard to see. Other options include the balcony, mezzanine and box seats. Many recommend choosing the latter seat choices, although this may only be affordable if you’ve just run into a small fortune on the slots or roulette. There have been many different performers headlining at the Pearl over the years. Many of these include classic artists from the past who seek to ignite nostalgic musical memories for the audience. Many people who come to the Palms to gamble will often also enjoy a concert at the Pearl.


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